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»  “Andy”   ## 

[developing Gibbs/DiNozzo. references to past Gibbs/Shannon and OMC’s/ DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [alternates between pre-series and Season 6. slash. “wall to wall angst, a dollop of hurt/comfort, and a massive side order of daddy issues.” drama. graphic sexual content. familial issues. grief. death. homophobia. language. sap. OC’s.]

[complete.] [6 parts.] [~ 47,200 words.]

[“When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to go on an emotional journey and face up to the events of a time long past.”]

[Here’s an image of Andy, provided by Xanthe. Note that the chapter divisions are divided by scryoko.]

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»  Boats   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Aaliyah” -- missing scene. slash. angst. drama. sap.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,300 words.]

[“Gibbs explains his choice to Tony. And they talk about boats. Possibly.”]

»  Context

[Gibbs/DiNozzo/Gibbs.] [NC-17.] [episode related: “Heartland” -- missing scene. slash. angst. mild hurt/comfort. graphic sexual content. sap. humor.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 5,000 words.]

[“ ‘Well, you’re the only one of my boy’s people I haven’t had a chance to talk with yet,’ Jackson told him. ‘And you’re the one I most want to talk to so…humour an old man, Tony.’ ”]

»  Damage   ### 

[developing Gibbs/DiNozzo/Gibbs (but mostly Gibbs/DiNozzo). past OMC’s/DiNozzo. references to past OMC’s/younger OMC’s.] [NC-17.] [slash. heavy angst and drama. dark. disturbing. NCS. graphic child abuse. graphic sexual content. psychological. hurt/comfort at its finest. romance. friendship. sap. humor. OC’s. and the long, hard road to recovery.]

[complete.] [23 parts.] [~ 133,600 words.]

[“When Gibbs investigates a minor robbery, he uncovers something much more sinister. The resulting investigation has unexpected and far-reaching consequences.”]

[Note that all part breaks are divided by scryoko.]

Author’s Notes
Deception  :  01 02 03 04
Darkness  :  01 02 03 04
Disintegration  :  01 02 03 04
Demons  :  01 02 03 04
Defences  :  01 02 03 04
Daylight  :  01 02 03

»  Family   ## 

[none.] [PG-13.] [timeframe: Season 07. gen. angst. drama. psychological. “Tony-centric character study.” mystery. suspense. death. a bit of the supernatural. mild humor. OC’s.]

[complete.] [3 parts.] [~ 17,400 words.]

[“Tony is injured working a case—and comes to a shocking realisation.”]

[Note that all part breaks are divided by scryoko.]

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»  Tony’s Appraisal   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [pre-slash. crack!fic. humor. fluff.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 200 words.]

[“What Tony’s self-review notes on his appraisal would be like…”]

»  Tony’s Dry Spell

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. DiNozzo/OC’s -- sort of. *snicker* references to past Tony/ Jeanne, DiNozzo/OC’s, Gibbs/Mann, Gibbs/Shephard, and (last but not least) Gibbs/Fornell.] [R.] [pre-slash. crack!fic. humor. OOC. possessiveness. jealousy. references to death. implied sexual content.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 3,600 words.]

[“Tony finds out the real reason for his recent lack of hot sex.”]