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»  Teach Me How To Be Cool  by  tarry rash wanton   ## 

[developing 1+2 and 3+4. 1+R. 13x5. D+R.] [PG-15.] [AU -- high school fic. humor. romance. mild angst. slight Relena-bashing. OOC. Duo’s and Heero’s POV.]

[complete.] [14 parts.] [~ 106,600 words.]

[“His mother thought Eminem was the spawn of Satan; the only recreational item he was allowed to own was a Barbie doll. Duo Maxwell’s life couldn’t be any more retarded till Heero Yuy starts to change all that…”]

»  Teenage Dirtbag  by  Granate   ## 

[1+2+1 --> of the friendship kind, in a sense… one-sided 2+R. 1+R.] [PG-13.] [AU -- “present day Ohio.” “high school angst.” mild drug abuse. language. OOC. Duo’s POV.]

[complete.] [8 parts.] [~ 16,300 words.]

[“Duo forms an odd friendship with his crush’s bad-boy boyfriend and it’s one neither of them will forget.”]

»  Teenage Dirtbag Sequel  by  Granate

[1x2x1.] [NC-17.] [AU -- “present day Ohio.” lemons. mild angst. sap. mild drug abuse. language. OOC. Heero’s POV.]

[complete.] [12 parts.] [~ 59,100 words.]

[“Five years later, Heero comes looking for Duo wanting more than his friendship.”]

»  That Which is Not His  by  Ponderosa   ## 

[Aenai Ai ~ Tragic Love]

[developing 1x2.] [PG-13.] [romance. humor. mild angst. sexual tension. action / violence. threats to Duo’s braid. sap.]

[complete.] [7 parts.] [~ 37,500 words.]

[A few missions where Duo and Heero dorm at schools does nothing but bring them closer and closer together.]

»  Third Time’s A Charm  by  Dyna Dee   ## 

[1+2. references to past 1+2. background 3+4.] [PG.] [post EW. romance. angst. mild language. sap. Duo’s POV.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 13,600 words.]

[Five years after their break-up, Heero shows up in Duo’s life again. And now, past feelings of what Duo thought to have been buried six feet under, has surfaced once again.]

[First Place Winner in the Spring 2003 Moments of Rapture fic contest.]

»  Thirty Second Gundam Wing Drabbles  by  Kracken

»  It’s All About…

[1+2.] [PG-13.] [post EW. humor. fluff.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 200 words.]

[A fellow Preventer agent gets his answer when he wonders what attracts Heero to men.]

»  Tight Security  by  Jade

[1x2.] [NC-17.] [AU. PWP. lemon. mild language.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 5,500 words.]

[“Duo finds nothing to complain about the security at his local airport…”]

»  Til the Clouds Roll By  by  Swordy Rides Again

[1+2. 3+4.] [PG-13.] [wartime TWT. angst. ‘Duo-blind-ness.’ drama. violence. OC’s. language. mild OOC. Duo’s POV.]

[complete.] [10 parts.] [~ 33,300 words.]

[“Duo is injured, leaving him unable to function as a Gundam pilot. This, coupled with Heero’s indifference leads him to re-evaluate his future with the others…”]

»  Tin Soldiers Series  by  Kracken

[developing 1x2. OMC’sx2.] [PG-13.] [post EW. angst. humor. lemon. mild drama. action / violence. OC’s. language. Duo’s POV.]

[complete.] [21 parts.] [~ 71,700 words.]

[“Duo has a great job, and it seems like his life is on the right track, but he can’t help dreaming about a certain someone from the war. When he takes a job with Quatre Winner, he finds his dreams suddenly becoming a reality.”]

»  Tonight’s the Night?  by  Fancy Figures

[1x2.] [NC-17.] [TWT. “(thwarted) romance.” lime / lemon. humor. language. alternating 3rd person, Duo’s, and Heero’s POV.]

[complete.] [4 parts.] [~ 13,400 words.]

[“This week is one of the most important landmarks of Duo and Heero’s young lives. They’re both feeling romantic and enthusiastic. Is that why nothing seems to go right?”]

»  A Touch of Human Kindness  by  Heartfelt

[developing 1x2. OMCx2. tiny one-sided R+1.] [NC-17.] [AU. lemon. angst. past and present (non-graphic) NCS. prostitution. slight Relena-bashing. violence. OC’s. langauge. OOC.]

[complete.] [6 parts.] [~ 20,900 words.]

[“Not believing that he is gay, Heero sought to prove to himself if he was or wasn’t by venturing in a place where pleasures are found in a form of both male and female. Surprisingly, his choice turned out to be the one he wanted to spend his life with.”]

»  Small Miracles  by  Heartfelt

[1x2x1.] [NC-17.] [AU. angst. lemon. NCS. violence. Duo torture. Relena-bashing. OC’s. language. OOC.]

[complete.] [42 parts.] [~ 131,800 words.]

[“Five years later, Heero comes looking for Duo wanting more than his friendship.”]

»  Trading Hair Secrets  by  utsubame   ## 

[1+2. 2+R -- friendship. unrequited R+1.] [PG-13.] [post EW. nice Relena. humor. OOC. Heero’s POV.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,300 words.]

[“Duo and Relena actually are friends? Heero learns that this is a mistake… the hard way.”]

»  Trails of Wonderland  by  Daimeryan Rei   ## 

[developing 1+2. 3+4. 5+M. one-sided R+1. references to OMC+C.] [PG-13.] [AU. angst. action / violence. sap. mild OOC. language. Duo’s POV.]

[complete.] [10 parts.] [~ 50,000 words.]

[“In an ongoing war, Duo Maxwell is the leader of the resistance, opposing the tyrannical rule of the Alliance. Drastic times ask for drastic measures and together it is decided to kidnap Relena Darlian, daugther of the visiting Vice Foreign Minister, and to force the government into action. However, Duo did not count on Relena’s bodyguard, one Heero Yuy…”]

[Winner of the 2003 1x2 AU Novella Challenge.]

»  Trial and Error  by  Maldoror

[developing 1+2. one-sided OMC+1. 3+4. 5+S.] [PG-13.] [post EW. self-assigned-mission-ness. misunderstanding / miscommunication. humor. angst. OC’s. mild language.]

[complete.] [15 parts.] [~ 36,200 words.]

[“Heero Yuy’s mission planner: Date: AC199. Mission objective: Finding compatible mates for Gundam Pilots 2, 3, 4 and 5. Timeframe: Undefined. Difficulty: Moderate, despite lack of personal information on the subject of romantic affection. How hard can it be to get people to fall in love?”]

[Winner for ‘Best Humor’ in the The Vault’s Summer Lovin’ 2004 Contest.]

»  Triangle  by  Nixers and KwyckSylver   ## 

[1+2. one-sided Rx1. eventual D+R. implied 4+3.] [R.] [post EW. angst. dark. psychological. supernatural. occult. riddles. “creepy stuffs.” lime / lemons. action / violence. OC’s. language. OOC.]

[complete.] [13 parts.] [~ 51,400 words.]

[An assassination attempt on Relena’s life puts the young politician in a deep coma. As she dreams to be with Heero, she realizes her wish has been granted as her soul enters Duo’s body. While the fragile peace is being endangered by a new threat, she also comes to realize the complexity that is Duo Maxwell.]

[Runner Up for ‘Best Supernatural’ in Shiai 2002—GW Yaoi Fanfiction Contest.]

»  Truth or Dare  by  Arigatomina   ## 

[1x2. one-sided R+1. implied 3+4.] [NC-17.] [wartime TWT. heavy angst. drama. lemon. nasty Relena. OOC. sap. language.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 9,900 words.]

[“In order to tear her rival away from Heero, Relena instigates a ruthless game, and her plans seem to be working beautifully.”]

»  Two Sides of the Same Story  by  Daimeryan Rei   ## 

[developing 1+2.] [PG-13.] [alternate timeline. angst. action / violence. mild OOC. language.]

[complete.] [11 parts.] [~ 57,800 words.]

[“Heero Yuy and three fellow pilots are sent from the space colonies to Earth with their machines of war, Gundams, to retaliate against the cruel oppression by the ruling militaristic force, the Alliance. Duo Maxwell, top officer and ace pilot of the Alliance elite branch, the Specials, soon has to face the Gundams and himself in the maelstrom of war; a raging war that will change history, lives, friends into enemies, and enemies into lovers.”]

[Winner of the 2004 One True Pairing Novella Challenge.]

»  Undressing Duo Maxwell  by  Sailor Seraphim   ## 

[1+2.] [PG-13.] [wartime TWT. humor -- priceless! OOC. Heero-on-a-self-assigned-mission-ness.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 800 words.]

[“What does Heero do on that laptop of his? A mission is a mission, and it must be completed.”]

»  Vivid  by  MikAAislin Nymph

[Aenai Ai ~ Tragic Love]

[developing 1+2.] [PG-13.] [postwar. angst. anterograde amnesia. drama. sap. language.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 31,800 words.]

[Just when things were seeming to go from bad to even worse for Duo, Heero Yuy steps into his life to try to fix Duo’s life back to as normal as it could get.]

[Although this part (Book One) is complete, note that the whole arc isn’t.]

»  What’s Your E-Mail Address?  by  Maaya

[1+2. 3+4. one-sided R+1, D+R and H+2. 6+9. 5+S. 5+M. 13+11.] [PG.] [pure humor. bashing of some characters.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,000 words.]

[“A list of the GW characters’ e-mail addresses.”]

[This isn’t really a fic—just a list (like mentioned above) of e-mails but waaaaay to hilarious not to view.]

»  When the Bullet Hits the Bone  by  Sunhawk   ## 

[“hints of 1+2.”] [PG-13.] [post EW. death. angst. Duo’s POV.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,800 words.]

[Duo thinks that nobody is there for him after a particularly awful mission.]

»  Why Gundam Pilots Should Not Go to the Movies  by  Lyssira   ## 

[1x2. 3x4. one-sided R+1. 6+9.] [PG-13.] [TWT. mild yaoi. crack-ish. humor. parody. OC’s.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,000 words.]

[How an afternoon to the movies would be like for the Gundam Wing gang.]

»  Why Gundam Pilots Should Not Have Children  by  Lyssira, Syren and Kojin   ## 

[mostly 1x2, 3x4, and 5xS. OC’s+OC’s.] [PG-13.] [TWT. light yaoi and het. crack-ish. humor. parody. domesticity. OC’s.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,500 words.]

[The parenting lives of the G-boys should they have had children, from the child’s infancy till their young adult life.]

»  Wildflower  by  Becca Abbott   ## 

[developing 1x2. OMC’sx2. OMCxOMC. references to one-sided R+1.] [NC-17.] [post EW. heavy angst. lemons. NCS. already established death. dark. Duo-torture. drama. OC’s. aliens. action. “violence and romance.” adventure. language.]

[complete.] [22 parts.] [~ 38,500 words.]

[“It’s two years after Endless Waltz and Duo Maxwell is in big trouble. But who should he fear the most? The sadistic vice-lord into whose hands he’s fallen under or the man’s hired assassin, Heero Yuy?”]

[Runner Up for ‘Best Angst’ in Shiai 2002—GW Yaoi Fanfiction Contest. Also, the sequels can be found at The Erotic Fiction of Becca Abbott.]

»  Wing Zerotica  by  KM

[1x1. 1x2. mention of 3+4.] [NC-17.] [TWT. PWP. lemon. light BDSM. humor. priceless Relena. Heero’s POV.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 7,600 words.]

[“Relena surprises a very much preoccupied Heero with a surprise gift he can’t resist: the object of his desires.”]

[Winner for ‘Best Lemon’ in the Shiai 2003—GW Yaoi Fanfiction Contest.]

»  Without the Moon  by  Arigatomina

[developing 1+2. 3+4. one-sided 6x2, R+1, and 9+6. 13+11.] [R.] [AU -- fusion with Sailor Moon R series. angst. lime. non-consensual situations. magic. action / adventure. sap.]

[complete.] [7 parts.] [~ 26,000 words.]

[“Following his enemy, Duo enrolls in a new school and finds himself surrounded by others who also control the power of the planets. United, the scouts must learn to work as a team in order to defeat enemies who are stronger than any one of them.”]

»  ZER0  by  emication

[developing 1+2. 3+4.] [R.] [post EW. angst. mystery. Preventer-ness. deaths of OC’s. religious stuff. drama. violence. blood. “gruesome stuff.” language. OC’s.]

[complete.] [14 parts.] [~ 20,000 words.]

[“The Gundam pilots are working for Preventers when a serial killer starts harassing Earth and the colonies.”]

»  Zetsumei no Yochimu  by  Lionna Mouri

[developing 1+2. implied 3+4.] [PG-13.] [postwar -- EW does not occur. deathfic. angst. Relena bashing. mild language.]

[complete.] [7 parts.] [~ 28,100 words.]

[One by one, the others find out that Duo is seriously ill and could possibly be dying.]

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