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»  12 Hours  by  Bj Jones

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. references to DiNozzo/OFC’s.] [R.] [First or Second Season TWT. slash. humor. romance. coffee addiction.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,900 words.]

[Gibbs takes his yearly physical is hell for everyone.]

»  All That Was Missing  by  kuyashinaki   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [slash. angst. mild sap.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 4,400 words.]

[“Tony remembers something Jethro once said.”]

»  "Andy"  by  Xanthe   ## 

[developing Gibbs/DiNozzo. references to past Gibbs/Shannon and OMC’s/ DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [alternates between pre-series and Season 6. slash. “wall to wall angst, a dollop of hurt/comfort, and a massive side order of daddy issues.” drama. graphic sexual content. familial issues. grief. death. homophobia. language. sap. OC’s.]

[complete.] [6 parts.] [~ 47,200 words.]

[“When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to go on an emotional journey and face up to the events of a time long past.”]

[Here’s an image of Andy, provided by Xanthe. Note that the chapter divisions are divided by scryoko.]

»  Boats  by  Xanthe   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Aaliyah” -- missing scene. slash. angst. drama. sap.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,300 words.]

[“Gibbs explains his choice to Tony. And they talk about boats. Possibly.”]

»  Brain on Gibbs  by  Spikedluv

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [TWT. slash. PWP. graphic sexual content.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,400 words.]

[“Gibbs gives Tony a reminder.”]

»  Breaking Up is Hard to Do  by  Spikedluv   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Judgment Day (Part II)” -- post ep. slash. angst. drama. sexual content. first time. references to death.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,600 words.]

[“The night before Tony leaves.”]

»  Burn  by  Cosmic   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. slight references to Tony/Jeanne.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Requiem” -- post ep. pre-slash. angst. drama. hurt/comfort.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,700 words.]

[“It had been two hours since he got out of the water and his lungs still burned.”]

»  The Connection  by  Ryan Blackwood

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. past OMC/DiNozzo.] [R.] [slash. angst. drama. humor. mild sap. OC’s.]

[completed.] [1 part.] [~ 3,100 words.]

[“How the world finds out DiNozzo likes boys.”]

»  Curtain Call  by  Gaby

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. OMC/OFC.] [PG-13.] [pre-slash. romance. drama. angst. sap. OC’s. mild OOC.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 3,500 words.]

[“A night at the ballet.”]

»  Damage  by  Xanthe   ### 

[developing Gibbs/DiNozzo/Gibbs (but mostly Gibbs/DiNozzo). past OMC’s/DiNozzo. references to past OMC’s/younger OMC’s.] [NC-17.] [slash. heavy angst and drama. dark. disturbing. NCS. graphic child abuse. graphic sexual content. psychological. hurt/comfort at its finest. romance. friendship. sap. humor. OC’s. and the long, hard road to recovery.]

[complete.] [23 parts.] [~ 133,600 words.]

[“When Gibbs investigates a minor robbery, he uncovers something much more sinister. The resulting investigation has unexpected and far-reaching consequences.”]

»  Dead marine, Gibbs… Bruised knees, New job (or, How Tony Thinks He Got His Job)  by  ingenius_inc   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. OMC’s/DiNozzo. DiNozzo/OFC.] [R.] [slash. drama. angst. sexual content. language. death. OC’s.]

[complete.] [2 parts.] [~ 8,500 words.]

[“In retrospect, being in love with Gibbs is much worse than shooting yourself in the foot.”]

»  The Deepest Sacrifice  by  Cosmic

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [pre-slash. drama. hurt/comfort. angst. case!fic. mystery. sap. death. OC’s.]

[complete.] [6 parts.] [~ 23,800 words.]

[“Whilst working on a case, Tony gets sick but pretends nothing is wrong. When Gibbs sends Tony and Ziva out to track the possible murderer, things take a turn for the worse.”]

»  Don’t ask, don’t tell?  by  darkmoore05

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Singled Out” -- post ep. pre-slash. angst. drama. a smidgen of sap.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,400 words.]

[“Tony and Gibbs have a talk. Things get out of hand. Secrets are revealed.”]

»  Emma  by  Cosmic

[developing Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [slash. taking-care-of-a-baby-ness. family. romance. mild angst and drama. background-ish case!fic. humor. sap. references to death. OC’s.]

[complete.] [8 parts.] [~ 20,100 words.]

[“When a dead Lieutenant and his wife are found murdered, Gibbs assigns the care of their five month old daughter to Tony.”]

»  Endings  by  lucifers_toy

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. Gibbs/Shepard. OMC/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [slash. angst. graphic sexual content. OC.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,500 words.]

[“Tony learns the truth, and tries to find a way to make himself feel better.”]

»  Family  by  TheTenthMuse1

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [pre-slash. Christmas!fic. sap. family. fluff.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,600 words.]

[Tony and Gibbs spend Christmas in Stillwater.]

»  Five Reasons Our NCIS Team Deserves So Many Sexual Harassment Seminars (and One Reason Administration Knows Nothing About)  by  Cuke98   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. one-sided Ducky/Vivan Blackadder.] [PG-15.] [slash. humor -- priceless. OC’s. mild angst and violence.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,200 words.]

[There are reasons why NCIS has so many sexual harassment seminars…]

»  Forgotten Rule  by  UnstoppableForce

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-15.] [episode related: “Minimum Security” -- missing scene. slash. humor. non-explicit sexual content. romance.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 400 words.]

[“Tony, Gibbs and the iguana.”]

»  He’s MINE  by  Shawna

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. “with a little McGee/DiNozzo flirting and teasing.”] [NC-17.] [slash. PWP. graphic sexual content. mild humor. OOC.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 4,200 words.]

[“Belonging to Gibbs is never to be laughed at.”]

»  How to Kiss a Man  by  Belladonna

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [pre-slash. PWP. humor. romance.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 500 words.]

[“Belonging to Gibbs is never to be laughed at.”]

»  Hypothetical  by  Gigi Sinclair

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Terminal Leave” -- post ep. pre-slash. sap. romance. humor. and a smidgen of angst (if you squint real hard).]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 700 words.]

[“DiNozzo and Gibbs have a hypothetical conversation.”]

»  Ice  by  TwoWeevils   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [R.] [episode related: “Under Covers” -- post ep. slash. first time. mild angst, hurt/comfort, and sap.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,600 words.]

[“What happens after the gang took Tony home.”]

»  In-Law  by  rageprufrock   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [pre-slash. light angst. mild drama. sap. fluff. humor. language.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 4,100 words.]

[“Jack and Tony stay in contact and Jack thinks Gibbs needs to take better care of ‘that boy.’”]

»  Intimidation Factor  by  rebecca

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [TWT. slash. PWP. graphic sexual content. light angst and sap.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,500 words.]

[“In the end, it didn’t matter who had started it.”]

»  Issues With Confined Spaces And Rococo Lamps  by  ingenius_inc

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Boxed In” -- post ep. pre-slash (mostly). mild angst, drama, and sap. language.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,100 words.]

[“All in all, Tony’s issues are actually pretty mundane.”]

»  Kicked  by  rebecca

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [TWT. slash. references to graphic sexual content. mild sap and angst.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 800 words.]

[The morning after, "Gibbs wakes up first.”]

»  Breaking the Rules  by  rebecca

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [TWT. slash. references to graphic sexual content. mild sap and angst.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,800 words.]

[“It was supposed to be a casual thing. Maybe.”]

»  Judgment Night  by  Cosmic   ### 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Judgment Day (Part II)” -- post ep. pre-slash. heavy angst. hurt/comfort. references to death.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 5,600 words.]

[“They did not speak as they descended the stairs, a team no longer.”]

»  Agent in Love  by  Cosmic   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. lightly hinted one-sided Ziva/Tony.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Agent Afloat.” slash. romance. sap. humor. light angst.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 4,700 words.]

[“Seeing Gibbs for the first time in four months is fantastic but frustrating when they don’t get any alone-time whatsoever and when Tony knows that they’ll soon be separated again.”]

»  Live Man Talking  by  Cosmic   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. DiNozzo/Voss.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Dead Man Talking.” pre-slash. angst. mild sap.]

[complete.] [2 parts.] [~ 13,300 words.]

[“Tonguing a guy was never the problem for Tony; tonguing a murderer was.”]

»  Male Attic-Bonding  by  spoonyriffic

[light Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [light pre-slash. PWP. romance. humor. light angst.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,000 words.]

[“ ‘Acknowledging that it’s a cliché doesn’t make it any less stupid or more original, DiNozzo.’ ”]

»  A Man Knows  by  PrincessFi

[some Gibbs/DiNozzo fun. references to OMC/DiNozzo.] [PG-15.] [TWT. pre-slash hints and implications. humor. UST. mild OOC.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,000 words.]

[“Tony reveals to Gibbs some secret knowledge.”]

»  Matched Set  by  crimsonquills

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [TWT. slash. PWP. elevator!sex.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 600 words.]

[“As a kink, Tony figured he should have expected it.”]

»  Not That Simple  by  slashscribe

[developing Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [timeframe: sometime Season 07. slash. drama. lots of hurt/comfort. mystery. medical-illness. domesticity. angst. sick!DiNozzo. friendship. a bit of a case!fic. graphic sexual content. romance. sap. mild violence. language. OC’s.]

[complete.] [23 parts.] [~ 96,700 words.]

[“The team is working on a case, and Tony begins to feel sick, so naturally, Gibbs has to help him.”]

»  A Piece of Home  by  CitiKitti   ## 

[a bit of unrequited DiNozzo/Gibbs.] [PG-13.] [episode related: “Singled Out” -- missing scene. gen. angst.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 800 words.]

[“When Jenny hands over orders for Rota, Tony doesn’t know whether it’s meant as a prize or a punishment.”]

»  Precious Things  by  the-green-sheep

[“none. (well, Gibbs/DiNozzo, but in Extra-Squinty-Vision.)”] [PG-13.] [post "Twilight" AU. gen. mild angst, action and violence.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 700 words.]

[Tony and Gibbs are still chasing after Ari.]

»  Protection  by  thehoyden   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-15.] [mid-Third Season. slash. humor. romance. sexual tension. underpants.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,600 words.]

[“ ‘My point is, your underwear shouldn’t be antique.’ ”]

»  The Raft of the Medusa  by  Cosmic   ## 

[developing Gibbs/DiNozzo. McGee/Abby.] [R.] [pre-slash. drama. supernatural. angst. gore. violence. case!fic. mystery. suspense. death. OC’s. sap.]

[complete.] [19 parts.] [~ 47,000 words.]

[“Six days ago, Tony was kidnapped while tracking down a serial killer. With no clues on the murders and no clues on the kidnapping, the team is at wits end. But at the turn of the seventh day, Gibbs gets a visit from someone most unlikely—Tony.”]

»  The Replacement  by  [ Unknown ]

[light Gibbs/DiNozzo. minor McGee/Abby.] [PG-13.] [hints of pre-slash. drama. angst. mild sap and violence. OC. language.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 5,900 words.]

[“When everything starts to go wrong for Tony, he fears that Gibbs is finally going to see his shortcomings.”]

»  Rocket-Induced Romance  by  spoonyriffic   ## 

[hints of Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [hints of pre-slash. romance. mild drama, violence, hurt/comfort, and humor. sap. OC’s.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 4,000 words.]

[“Insane laughter bubbled within Tony, and he couldn’t help but think that the Director was going to go ballistic when she found out that several of her agency’s cars had been torched in an explosion caused by a rocket launcher.”]

»  The String Theory  by  spoonyriffic   ## 

[developing Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [R.] [pre-slash. case!fic. mystery. humor. romance. UST. deaths. mild violence. OC’s.]

[incomplete -- last updated: 10 APR 2009.] [4 parts.] [~ 11,100 words.]

[“Tony can’t help but think that there was more to the rocket launcher debacle, and it’s driving him crazy. It doesn’t help that Gibbs is being Gibbs.”]

01 02 03 04

»  Rule 1: How To Dress At A Crime Scene  by  Molkite

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [R.] [episode related: “Minimum Security” -- post ep. slash. humor. non-explicit sexual content. romance.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 400 words.]

[“Gibbs is annoyed Tony sleeps naked while away with work. He decides to show Tony how things should be done.”]

»  Second Best  by  kelly_girl

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [slash. drama. angst. graphic sexual content. mild sap.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,300 words.]

[Tony’s insecurities surface when he hears that Gibbs is supposed to have dinner with their Madam Director.]

»  Settling the Dust  by  Asa Meda

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. implied Ducky/Gerald.] [R.] [episode related: “Reveille” -- post ep. slash. mild angst. sexual content.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 5,500 words.]

[“ ‘Because, Special Agent Gibbs, Tony almost got a bullet in his head because he’s too afraid to accept himself; and you’re too afraid express yourself.’ ”]

»  The Sound of Silence  by  Juli

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [TWT. slash. PWP. smut.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 600 words.]

[“DiNozzo was spread out on his back across Gibb’s bed, knees bent, toes curled, and hands entangled in the sheets as he fought for control.”]

»  Struggling for Balance  by  weighted_scales   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. references to past OMC/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [episode related: “Chained” -- post ep. slash. angst. drama. graphic sexual content. language.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 8,900 words.]

[“Tony’s having issues with his last undercover assignment, the resolution of which brings Gibbs and Tony to an unexpected understanding.”]

»  Thanks, Boss  by  Simply Shelby

[none. Gibbs/DiNozzo -- just a hint, if you squint (rhyme not intended).] [PG.] [episode related: “Frame-Up.” gen. a smidgen of angst.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 600 words.]

[“Gibbs listens while Tony rants.”]

»  That Christmas Time of Year  by  Ryan Blackwood   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. references to past Gibbs/Shannon and DiNozzo/OC’s.] [NC-17.] [slash. angst. drama. sap. humor. language.]

[completed.] [5 parts.] [~ 21,300 words.]

[“When Tony receives a Christmas invitation to Stillwater, PA, everyone’s shocked and excited.  Except Gibbs.”]

»  a thousand miles (mend what is broken)  by  chatona   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. minor OMC/DiNozzo. references to OMC/OMC.] [NC-17.] [episode related: “Singled Out” -- AU. slash. angst. drama. romance. sap. death. OC’s.]

[complete.] [3 parts.] [~ 20,400 words.]

[‘I want you to come home, Tony.’]

[The prequel, also rec’ed here under Gen, is ‘to where the sun is brighter.’]

01 02 03

»  To Never Be Loved  by  Creed Crusade   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. past DiNozzo/OFC.] [PG-15.] [slash. angst.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,500 words.]

[“Tony is trying to find something he needs. Something he can’t get from Gibbs. Maybe it found him?”]

»  Tony’s Appraisal  by  Xanthe

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [pre-slash. crack!fic. humor. fluff.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 200 words.]

[“What Tony’s self-review notes on his appraisal would be like…”]

»  The Twelfth Day  by  nixa_jane

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. references to DiNozzo/OFC’s.] [R.] [First or Second Season TWT. slash. humor. PWP. romance. sexual tension.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,700 words.]

[“The longest Tony has gone without sex is 11 days, and 6 hours.”]

»  Twelve Steps to Understanding?  by  ingenius_inc   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [slash. angst. drama. graphic sexual content. mild language.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 5,500 words.]

[Totally screwed—quite literally and figuratively—Tony thinks, because Tony’s only been working under Gibbs for two months and already he’s had sex more times with Gibbs than anybody else in his adult life (which is actually kind of sad).”]

»  Twenty Questions  by  TwoWeevils

[implied Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [PG-13.] [TWT. “gen (with a splash of pre-slash).” humor.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 700 words.]

[Tony and McGee play twenty questions.]

[Written for the ncis_flashfic "midnight" challenge.]

»  Unexpected Is One Word For It  by  spoonyriffic   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [slash. PWP. smut. humor. romance. first time. language.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 3,500 words.]

[“Tony thought that his first time with Gibbs would be more… graceful.”]

»  What Would Magnum Do?  by  Juli   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo. references to past Gibbs/Stan.] [PG-13.] [pre-slash. action. drama. death. OOC. humor. sap. OC’s.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 7,300 words.]

[“As much as Gibbs would like to think that it was just the younger agent being quiet so their pursuers wouldn’t find them, he also knew that Tony’s wound was taking its toll. Blood loss and shock were Tony’s enemies as much as the scumbags hunting them.”]

»  Where Angels Fear to Tread  by  lila-blue   ## 

[developing Gibbs/DiNozzo. OMC’s/DiNozzo. past DiNozzo/OFC. references to McGee/Abby and OMC/OFC.] [R.] [slash. drama. romance. illness. lots of non-graphic sexual content. humor. angst. sap. mild action and violence. death. OC’s.]

[complete.] [48 parts.] [~ 68,400 words.]

[“It takes serious illness to bring Gibbs and DiNozzo together.”]

»  Words  by  crimsonquills   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [TWT. slash. soulful PWP. graphic sexual content. sap.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 2,400 words.]

[“For most people, being blindfolded is about sensory deprivation.”]

»  Zealous and Jealous are Just One Letter Different  by  crimsonquills   ## 

[Gibbs/DiNozzo.] [NC-17.] [TWT. slash. PWP. smut. sap.]

[complete.] [1 part.] [~ 1,700 words.]

[“Tony thinks he knows what he’s going to get when he makes Gibbs jealous. He’s wrong.”]

[Written for the ncis_flashfic "Sins and Virtues" challenge.]